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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 7, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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as the search for his friend and business partner stretches into the third day, bradley roberts says he is hopeful. >> he is an experienced off road-er. he is used to being in the woods. he rode a motorcycle from alaska to the tip of south america through the jungles of colombia. >> reporter: on tuesday, nicholas vlahos disappeared into the sierra with his 3-year- old daughter and 5-year-old son. bradley says nicholas went camping with his parents and decided to explore some rugged terrain with his children before returning to their oakland home. >> make his way home. that was the last they herds of him. >> reporter: but no one knows what roads he took and search- and-rescue teams are now tasked to find any clues of the trio in two counties plumas and sierra. and tonight, a storm is expected to bring snow to the area. how do you think it's going to end? >> they are going to find him stuck somewhere and we are going to laugh about it in a couple of days and everything
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is going to be fine. i hope. >> reporter: and nicholas was supposed to be back at work here at his barbershop yesterday. bradley says what's also giving him hope is that nicholas had plenty of food and water with him. live in alameda, maria medina, kpix 5. some bay area students say their high school has become a hostile learning environment. they say they're harassed in the hallways and administrators aren't doing anything about it. da lin reports the feds are getting involved but even that may not help. da. >> reporter: that's right. the students accuse the district of not doing enough to stop and prevent sexual harassment on campus and as you mentioned on top of that, they say that the district is stopping them from talking to federal investigators, who are here looking into those allegations. >> sexual harassment is everywhere at berkeley high. you see students being tackled all the time. just talking about how you have a nice butt, get that a lot like nice booty, girl.
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>> unwanted, like, people like slapping, like, girls buttocks in the hallway. >> reporter: they say the harassment isn't just at berkeley high. it's a districtwide problem. >> i was sexual assaulted by several boys on the school campus. >> reporter: freshman katie thompson says that happened a a berkeley middle school and feels berkeley unified has done little to stop and prevent sexual harassment. in fact, back in october, some boys at berkeley high were caught using instagram to harass female students. >> they would post photos of girls drunk at parties looking unflattering and would write really offensive things about the girl's sexual habits even if they were not true at all. >> reporter: after getting complaints from parents, the office for civil rights came to berkeley high last week to investigate the district's harassment policies but many people claim the district stopped investigators from talking to the students. they say the district told several investigators students would need parental consent and
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it would interfere with learning. >> to, like, accurately investigate them they need to be able to talk to all the people who are affected by it. >> how do i feel? i feel heartbroken. i feel -- i feel devastated. i feel devastated for the girls who have had the experiences over and over again. >> reporter: parents hope the feds will do more to prevent sexual harassment on campus. >> to make it students are supported when reporting to make it so students and teachers get education around what sexual harassment is and how to prevent it. >> reporter: some parents and students have also formed a support group called the berkeley high school stop harassing group. we reached out to the berkeley unified school district. they declined to talk on camera. but they are assisting the federal investigators. da lin, kpix 5. >> this is the second investigation by the federal government at berkeley high in
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five years. in 2010 they opened an investigation after a 16-year- old girl sued her counselor. we have been keeping an eye on the storms that have brought wild weather to the bay area today. we have seen a little bit of everything. right now hi-def doppler shows most of the action happening in the south and east bays. but one of the rarest sightings happened up north. it was a funnel cloud spotted by a kpix 5 weather watcher in sebastopol. chopper 5 showing us cloudy skies scattered showers in san jose. earlier this afternoon, raindrops were hitting the camera lens. and in walnut creek umbrellas were out. people pulling on their hoods to stay dry. chief meteorologist paul deanno with the overview and our exclusive weather watcher network that spotted that rare funnel cloud. >> we have 120 extra pair of eyes and ears all throughout the bay area looking to see where it is raining and today a rare instance of a funnel cloud only caught by one of our kpix 5 weather watchers. thank you, kathy munch, for taking that picture and sending it to us and to roberta this
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morning. we are looking at the tri- valley getting some rainfall. right now this is live radar and we are seeing rain in san ramon, danville, dublin, pleasanton, livermore, about to head into fremont. also some new showers popping up in the south bay and east bay. all the moisture consolidated around an area of low pressure south and east of san francisco. that's why the city and most of the peninsula have not seen rainfall but the south bay has received rain and another round of rainfall not only heading toward fremont but also milpitas and some heavier showers heading directly towards morgan hill and i'm looking at the radar right now. lightning three miles north and east of morgan hill. so if the kids are outside in morgan hill or gilroy now, get them inside! lightning is close enough to become dangerous. so bring the kids inside south of san jose. new lightning strikes are popping up. as i said, the low pressure area to our south and east, the rainfall is only near the low so not everybody getting the rainfall today. and the slow beginning to pull
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away. the most rain we have seen so far campbell a sixth of an inch, union city and danville more than .10". early this morning one of our weather watcher kathy munch took these pictures in sebastopol dropped out of a cloud bank a rare funnel cloud. she sent us the photos right away as a weather watcher to confirm what she was seeing. that funnel cloud was heading in from the north. >> watching the news yesterday about what happened in oklahoma, and being in touch with roberta about the weather, i was like, this can't be happening. where's my camera? >> i'm glad she had her camera and sent them to us exclusively. it is an extremely rare weather event for the bay area. rarely do we talk about funnel clouds or tornadoes. as a matter of fact, by how many tornadoes per square mile? california gets the second fewest amounts of funnel cloud and tornadoes of any state in the country. we only trail alaska. a rare event but it happened around here today.
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>> pretty amazing stuff. yeah. well, the storm front brought a fresh blanket of snow to the sierra nevada. taking a live look now, there's winter weather advisory in place until tomorrow. where was this? in january, february? december? you can see the snow is still coming down as we speak. storm was expected to bring two to six inches. be sure to stay on top of all the changing weather with the kpix 5 weather app. san jose police are trying to track down a man who attacked a girl in her home. kpix 5's len ramirez with the video that shows how the girl fought back. len. >> veronica, we are talking about a very brave but very traumatized 13-year-old girl. she along with her mother talked to the news media today about the event that happened in this neighborhood a couple of days ago that they say has left them traumatized.
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[ pause ] [ no audio ] >> reporter: that event happened day before yesterday about 4:00 in the afternoon. the girl was on her way home from school when she was followed by a man who went all the way up to her doorstep then went inside her house. >> i turned around and all of a sudden he is on my doorstep. so i started to get scared. >> reporter: home security cameras catch the predator in action asking for the girl's name and age. >> i was just trying to scream but for some reason i couldn't get anything out. >> reporter: she tries to get away by going inside her home. >> and i tried to slam the door on him but i couldn't. so he gets inside. then he tries to grab me. so i push him back. i try to get him off of me and then i slammed my hand into his face. >> reporter: she keeps
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resisting and then breaks free. the man opens then shuts the door as he puts his phone away. she gets up and slowly walks backward. she then drops her backpack and looks for something to use as a weapon. just then, he seems to have a change of heart. he turns and leaves. >> this kind of thing can happen in this neighborhood inside my home, it's very sick. >> someone knows this guy. we need to find him. we need to bring him in. >> reporter: police are posting the neighborhood what warnings and the suspect's photo. they believe he is the same guy who followed a 28-year-old woman into a public restroom inside a supermarket last month and tried to sexually assault her. >> we are getting support from the community. people are getting involved. but here's the bottom line. we haven't identified him and he is not in pocket. >> reporter: until the man is arrested, police will be posting these flyers throughout the neighborhood and shopping centers in the area with the suspect's photo and a description of him. he is described as a white man in his 30s medium height
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approximately 155 pounds. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. other bay area headlines right now. burglars ransack a lafayette home and this photo leaves no mystery about how they got in. police say they smashed the rear sliding glass door and managed to disable the alarm system. they then went to the bedroom first snatching jewelry and valuables before running. police hope neighbors get a glimpse of the suspects. new information on the broken bart rail that sparked major delays yesterday. it turns out the damaged rail is not an original. it's from a 2011 replacement job. bart is sending the piece to a lab where specialists will determine why it broke. crews worked all afternoon yesterday to fix the rail between the civic center and 16th street station. the san jose sharks are going to be staying at the s.a.p. center for several more years. the team has reached an agreement with san jose to extend its lease. the details will come out tomorrow.
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it is expected the sharks will get most of their money back so they can make improvements to the arena. at 22 years old, the shark tank is one of the oldest facilities in professional hockey. still ahead, imagine stepping out of your home and finding this. a homeless camp up against your backyard fence! how neighbors are fighting back. >> a lot of shaking in the bay area lately. how these massive machines could help predict the next big earthquake. >> plus, lending an ear to just
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checking in with live radar now, kpix 5 hi-def doppler showing a thunderstorm heading directly toward the city of morgan hill. heads up. you probably see the dark clouds off to the east. a lightning strike detected
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about 6 minutes ago. heavy rainfall heading toward rucker north of san martin and north still to morgan hill. watch out for heavy rain the possibility of small hail and additional lightning strikes in south santa clara county over the next 30 minutes. your full forecast is coming up. a san jose man is battling a loud smelly vulgar backyard battle. christian hartnett reports. >> totally frustrating. it's been an endless struggle it seems like. >> reporter: for the five years he lived in the pinehurst neighborhood, harlow blum says he has dealt with rowdy neighbors. but these neighbors don't live next door. they live behind his backyard wall in a homeless encampment. >> a lot of noise, um, they have pets back there, dogs are barking. sometimes they argue. just, you know, like the smell, you know, human defecation back there. >> reporter: harlow says the smell from those drainage ducts
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in the wall got so bad he decided to plug them up permanent. he says the fire department has been called out three times over the years to respond to fires at the camp. harlow says his grandchildren won't even set foot in the backyard anymore. >> they are kind of scared to come if the backyard and -- in the backyard and play. so they basically stay inside. >> reporter: neighbors say the number of homeless living here has grown this year. they think that's because of the recent closure of the huge homeless camp the jungle. neighbors say calls to police in the city haven't gotten them anywhere because the camp sits on state-owned property. but neighbors are just hearing caltrans will kick out the homeless next week. some people say they will probably just move across the street. >> i can understand where they're coming from. i really can. but we have to be somewhere. i don't know what else to do. >> this problem on the other side of town, well, kind of makes it -- takes away from
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that happiness. >> reporter: christian hartnett, kpix 5. >> a councilman is asking for a fence line there. we learned 8 criminal cases have been dropped because of an investigation into san francisco police misconduct. that could be just the beginning. this stems from those officers who sent racist and homophobic texts. the district attorney is now reviewing more than 3,000 arrests involving those officers. today he announced three retired judges are joining the probe to determines if the officers' bias led to wrongful convictions. >> the consequences of these officers actions and the resulting review has far reaching implications for basic notions of justice and public safety. >> the cases being reviewed go back 10 years. it could take until the end of the year to complete. we have had reminders the
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past few days that the bay area is earthquake country. now a bold new project could help predict when the next "big one" could strike. liz cook has details on tracking tremors. >> reporter: scientists are looking at the relationship between faint tremors and major quakes here in california. this all started after the napa quake last august. seismologists at uc-berkeley noticed a sudden increase of tremors hundreds of miles away along the san andreas fault. it's been thought tremors can lead to major earthquakes. now scientists have installed four high-tech monitors hundreds of feet underground along the fault. they are all in the parkfield area where the tremors occurred after the napa earthquake. the goal is to measure them more precisely using what they call tremor scope. tremors can be big, slow and very faint. and this can make them heart to detect. >> they are much smaller than earthquakes. even the tiny earthquakes that happen all the time even
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smaller than that. and the other interesting thing about tremors is that they appear to be occurring at the boundary between a locked or stuck section of the fault where there are only big earthquakes occasionally. >> parkfield is a notoriously active spot that averages a 6.0 quake about every 20 years. scientists hope by being in this very spot they will get a better understanding of what's going on underground. veronica, back to you. >> thank you. we have breaking news coming out of the east bay tonight. chopper 5 is over oakland where officers are involved in some type of a search. you can see the emergency vehicles down parked there behind an apartment on diamond street at 580 and fruitvale. the officers have their weapons out and taking cover behind the doors of their vehicles there as you can see. this came in as a report of a
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police car that was rammed by a fleeing driver. you can see they have set up a perimeter there and chopper 5 is up over the scene and, of course, we will keep you posted. well, we have been tracking a spring storm all day and we have seen a little bit of everything. fremont got into the act with wild weather. people woke up to hail in the yards. one neighbor said she didn't recognize the sound of it. >> i was startled. i just kept listening. i would never have guessed it was rain or hail. >> the national weather service says the hail fell for several minutes. >> the sierra getting a fresh layer of snow tonight. who would have thought that? it's coming down throughout the day today. >> sean bennett reports the storm is bringing several inches of much-needed snow. >> the calendar says may. >> it's odd to have snow in may. >> reporter: it looked more like january at donner summit. >> kind of surprising. first time we have seen snow in
6:20 pm
a long time. >> a welcome sight for california. >> a good sign. it's something we should be thankful for. >> reporter: a phrase we hear all too often as we suffer through year 4 of our drought. >> we need the snow even if it's may. we'll take it. too bad that it didn't come sooner. >> reporter: this winter weather advisory not only brought out snowplows, but chain control was issued going over the pass. the most challenging of driving conditions. >> unless you go skiing a lot. if you go skiing then you know how to drive in the snow and when i was a kid that's how i learn. i learned to drive in snow. but i haven't driven in snow in years. so i'm glad i'm not driving. >> reporter: others like teresa moore didn't mind driving in the snow because -- >> we drove over here in the end of march and didn't hit anything. so coming up in may kind of surprising to actually hit the
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snow again. >> all right. >> so cool. >> yeah. >> rain and snow. >> finally. >> so -- so sorry we didn't see it a couple of months ago. >> i know. we have now had more snow in the month of may in parts of the sierra than we did in january. >> what?! what?! that makes no sense whatsoever. >> we'll take it though. we're not complaining. >> glass half full. it's raining outside right now. it's snowing in the sierra. we'll take it anytime of year. didn't happen in january. we can't go back in time. we can get some now and we are. we are getting more now in union city. and fremont. and pleasanton. and hayward. good evening to you. it is raining outside. helping out allergies, as well. no additional lightning strikes in the morgan hill area south to rucker and gilroy but still some heavy rainfall now moving over the city. so it's stormy for some of you. it's to the south and east of those areas because that's where the low pressure area is
6:22 pm
consolidated around the low to our south. it hasn't been widespread but where it has happened, it was interesting weather today. santa rosa 77. without the rainfall. but san jose 59 for a high today with the rainfall. and the skies still look angry. this low pressure area has cold air aloft wants to sink the warm air heating of the day even to 60 degrees rising and getting turbulence and rainfall. low pressure where is it going? this is going to make more rain tomorrow. problem is it's heading toward vegas. and as low pressure begins to peel away, so does our rain chance but here's the deal. the counterclockwise flow around it i'll be watching thunderstorms bubbling over the sierra, some of that moisture may make it back to the bay area tomorrow afternoon. no, no hot weather anytime soon.
6:23 pm
showers inland and to the south. otherwise we'll dry out get sunday sunny for the weekend nice for mother's day. all the moms out there deserve more than just a day but we'll give you sunday and then next week the onshore flow continues. raining tonight what wonderful news the allergens are getting washed out of air. >> thank goodness. >> and don't water for a couple of days. >> thank you, paul. still ahead, stopping strangers to talk.
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an unusual experiment today in san francisco. at 12 different locations people were waiting to listen to anyone about anything. mike sugerman with what's behind this open form of
6:26 pm
therapy. >> reporter: pull up a chair san francisco. >> i feel guilty. >> feel like going to it. upset me more. >> today's my birthday. >> reporter: listen to this. some people work their ears hard today for free. >> what would you tell someone in you knew they were really listening? >> reporter: stephanie schindler is really listening. although turns out to be a hard sell. >> we're not selling anything. we're just offering a few moments of connection. >> if you want to talk for free to a therapist. >> reporter: tracy practiced street therapy today. she helped set up sidewalk talks. >> i want to listen to somebody because people feel like they don't belong sometimes in the city. and that leads to mental health issues. >> reporter: so at a dozen places around town she and friends set up chairs and offered their ears. she heard some of the things she worried she might. >> two people today confessed to me that they have bipolar disorder and stopped taking medication. one of them said specifically because i was embarrassed, i
6:27 pm
felt the stigma and i just got out of a mental hospital two months ago. >> reporter: but mostly people thought it was nice to talk to someone with no judgment nor advice. >> went down the right path but then say to myself how would life have been down the other road? >> reporter: that's it for this story. thanks for listening. >> anything you would like to say i could listen to? >> reporter: no. well, yeah. i'm mike sugerman, kpix 5. [ laughter ] >> glad he got that off his chest. coming up in the next half- hour, we are supposed to be saving water, right? >> not sure these
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announcer: make sleep train your ticket to tempur-pedic. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ first at 6:30 breaking news out the east bay. oakland police are looking for a suspect who reportedly rammed a police car within the last 30 minutes behind some apartments on diamond street. these are live pictures. a short time ago we saw the officers down there on the street with their guns drawn. and as you can see, there is a
6:31 pm
pretty heavy police presence in the area. we are going to continue to monitor this breaking story and keep you posted. we don't have them here but they get them in the heartland. tornadoes. at least 51 of them touched down in the southern plains leaving a path of destruction overnight. now dozens of homes have been destroyed. tonight people from texas to kansas are dealing with that mess from an outbreak of very strong tornadoes. cbs reporter adriana diaz takes a look at the damage and the clean-up from oklahoma city. >> bridge creek took a direct hit. >> reporter: a powerful tornado cut a path of destruction through bridge creek, oklahoma. one of the hardest-hit areas. officials say at least 25 homes were destroyed. people returned home to salvage what little they could. >> my shop is completely gone. my sister's house is unlivable. >> reporter: twisters also
6:32 pm
plowed through parts of oklahoma city. there's massive damage at this rv park. many of them were tossed around like toys. warning sirens went off shortly before a twister hit this hotel. guests say it was a terrifying experience. >> i was scared. i didn't think i was going to make it. >> reporter: everything jimmy o'quinn brought to the hotel is gone. >> we lost everything. got nothing. >> my girls are all right. we made it out. >> reporter: oklahoma city mayor toured the damage. >> your heart just breaks for people that, you know, that have their homes destroyed. [ sirens ] >> here we go. >> reporter: dozens of twisters touched down in what's known as tornado alley wednesday. forecasters say severe weather could hit the area again in the next few days. adriana diaz, cbs news, oklahoma city, oklahoma. >> flooding was also a problem with 8" of rain falling in oklahoma overnight.
6:33 pm
one person died. a woman who apparently drowned in her underground tornado shelter. of course we're keeping an eye on rain here in the bay area. take a look. hi-def doppler showing scattered showers in the east bay and the south bay. a heavy cell leaving morgan hill and gilroy. we'll have an update in a few minutes. in the meantime, tighter water restrictions going into effect next month as of june 1. cities across the state must cut water use anywhere from 8% to 36%. the state water board suggests we should take two-minute showers and let our lawns die or water them just once a week. some people in the bay area are already doing these things but wait until you see what our andria borba found people doing near palm springs. >> reporter: with 300 days of sunshine a year, more water features than starbucks, and miles of bright green lawns, this is palm springs. smack in the heart of the sonoran desert. it's the town bob hope and
6:34 pm
dinah shore made famous with a modern problem even frankie and dino couldn't fix. in the middle of an epic drought, the coachella valley is home to the highest water consumption in the state up to 10 times greater than bay area usage. there's a shockingly wide range of water usage among californians from little use in san francisco who in the month of march averaged 41 gallons a day east bay m.u.d. using more at 65.8 gallons. palm springs is the king of water users using over 200 gallons a day doubling that in the summer months. is the "rat pack" era fantasy of free lawns, golf courses, green lawns, pools, is that sustainable in 2015? >> no. absolutely not. >> reporter: in our first hour on the grounds, we spotted this. a hose at the renaissance hotel flowing watering the concrete. outside a restaurant in downtown palm springs, misters working overtime on a cool 80- degree day literally making it
6:35 pm
rain on the sidewalk. at the victoria falls development, what looks to be a mini homage to niagra in the desert for decoration. it's not just that. >> it's 5:17 in the afternoon here in rancho mirage and the sprinklers are on spraying and overspraying everything. >> reporter: driving around, sights like this one. the gas station has a lawn. and that del taco you can get a side of grass. why does the gas station need a lawn? >> not sure. >> reporter: here's something to really tee you off. golf courses suck up more than 20% of the water in the valley. public courses like this one are on recycled water but the private courses have their own wells tapping into the overtaxed aquifer. the green grass seems to go on forever. >> well, it's difficult because we have seen 20% cutbacks already from 2007 to 2013. you have to understand too we're a tourist economy. we have a lot of imported people that come from other parts of the country that are used to grass used to lawns.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. still ahead a bay area family's life on hold. >> as they sit and wait in another country
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
yelp stock got a boost after rumors spread the company could be up for sale. they are trying to find buyers. for years they battled big names for online ad revenue but with news of a possible sale, its stock rose 23% in afternoon trade. so far yelp hasn't commented on the plans. fitbit just took one step for wearable tech today. the san francisco-based company filed for an ipo. fitbit said that it's seeking to raise up to $100 million and will trade on the new york stock exchange. fitbit's success has inspired a lot of competition with tech giants apple, microsoft and
6:39 pm
samsung all launching smartwatches with exercise monitors? >> a guy robbed a bank and post the evidence on it online. i'll have that on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. and still ahead, here at 6:00, bay area family stuck in mexico. what brought them there and why the government won't let them leave with their baby. >> we're looking at rainfall on kpix 5 hi-def doppler. there it is on fremont right now. there's going to be a lot less sneezing going on in fremont because of the rain. taking the allergens out of the area. we'll talk about rain tomorrow coming up. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. did a-rod pass willie mays ? >> going back, goes up. >> he got a triple.
6:40 pm
>> leave that to the judges. >> remember chicken
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checking in on our top stories tonight, an oakland man and his two small children are missing in the sierra. they were on a camping trip in a remote part of sierra county. they are supposed to be home tuesday. search teams mobilized today and so far no sign of them. >> we are getting a closer look tonight at the suspects in that attack on a teenaged girl inside of her own san jose home. the whole en counter caught on the family security camera. you can see the suspect pushing the 13-year-old girl against the wall. police say this may not be the first time he struck. an extremely rare weather event in the bay area. it's an exclusive from a kpix 5 weather watcher. kathy munch spotted this funnel cloud in sebastopol. she sent us the photos right away to confirm what she was seeing. it never touched ground. and no damage was done. trapped in mexico for several weeks now, a san jose family tells us the government won't let them bring their new baby home. they are in the state of
6:44 pm
tabasco. it is the only state in mexico to allow surrogacy. only on "5" juliette goodrich talked to the parents about what happened leaving them limbo. >> reporter: haseeb and christy amireh have been stuck living in hotel after hotel in tabasco mexico with their newborn son grayson. >> we are stuck in this hotel room and we just want to get home desperately. >> reporter: but grayson has no birth certificate so he can't get a passport to fly home. >> agencies taking intended parents like us so we would like to get the word out. >> reporter: unable to have children they turned to surrogacy, legal and affordable in tabasco. surrogacy agencies are everywhere. the couple was there for the birth but the experience turned into desperation. >> it seems time was passing and the next day and no birth
6:45 pm
certificates and we started panicking. >> reporter: their friends in the bay area feel helpless. >> all of a sudden baby grayson is born and the political climate changes? >> um, almost exactly what you said. the week of the birth all certificates for surrogacy was pulled. >> no rivalries then. >> reporter: bay area congressman eric swalwell. >> that governor in the state has put a moratorium on birth certificates for surrogate families and again i think this just highlights why you know it's really important to understand the laws of any country that you're traveling to, to make a healthcare decision. >> reporter: it doesn't surprise you it sounds like. >> no. it doesn't. >> reporter: stephanie runs the surrogacy law center in southern california. >> mexico city does not assistance in place like in the u.s. if they say their law is the law, it may or may not be
6:46 pm
the law. bribery is not uncommon there. look at the cartels. >> reporter: haseeb and christy say they won't leave the country until grayson is with them. that means their jobs and lives are on hold. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> the couple is working with a lawyer in mexico and they have been in contact with the u.s. state department. but they continue to wait. interesting weather day throughout the bay area. many of you without a drop of rainfall. clouds but no rain. many of you have had up to .25" of rainfall and fremont is one of those spots getting rain. it's not heavy. it's sagging south. it will hit you in milpitas and newark and eventually another round of light to moderate rainfall for san jose. another hot spot this evening has been down toward morgan hill and gilroy. a thunderstorm over morgan hill within the past 45 minutes heading toward monterey passing just to the east of
6:47 pm
watsonville. we have an area of low pressure. you see the counterclockwise swirl. we are on the northwestern edge of that. so rarely do we look east for our weather. that's what we're doing this evening and there are additional showers out there. so watch out livermore, pleasanton, tri-valley may be dealing with showers this evening. a wide temperature spread but not like we typically have it. it is 79 degrees with partly sunny skies says john miller in santa rosa. but in the south bay not the coast it is only 57 degrees in los gatos and you have had a couple of rounds of showers cloudy skies there. so the temperature spread is inverted today. oakland currently 65. san jose officially only 56 and more rain is heading your way. in between we find livermore and san francisco 60. here we go. winter weather advisory above 5,000 feet in the sierra. they may have to do a snow survey on june 1, 3 to 8" of
6:48 pm
snowfall above 5,000 feet. that low pressure area is to our south. gave us the funnel cloud in the north bay and gave us some rainfall throughout parts of the bay area today. showers all around the lows so where is it going? coming back toward yours. unfortunately no, it's going to be heading in the other direction but close enough tomorrow that some showers may once again move east to west coming off of the sierra heading toward the sacramento valley, the sacramento area, the actual city and some of that may make it toward fairfield, vaccination, walnut creek and concord tomorrow. we'll watch out for that. high pressure is there but it's way offshore. we will continue to have an onshore flow. so even when the sunshine comes back on saturday, hot weather absolutely not. we will stay cooler than average because of the onshore flow. a few showers this evening in the south bay, south santa clara county and our computer predicts another round of a few showers for the north bay mountains coming up tomorrow. tonight lingering clouds a few sprinkles. we'll be partly cloudy tomorrow. inland showers are possible once again but it will not be as widespread as what we just had today which was widespread.
6:49 pm
concord tomorrow 72. san jose 73. close to average. palo alto 70. hayward 66. antioch tomorrow 76. watch out for a late day shower. san francisco dry again 63 degrees for a high. petaluma 69. cloverdale 79. for all you moms out there sunday will be fine? >> we are dry, sunny and mild. the onshore flow will prevent any hot weather from making it to the bay area over the next seven days. sports is next.
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become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ when alex rodriguez signed his contract in 2007, there was a home run milestone agreement triggers bonuses potentially for $6 million. milestone number 1 passing willie mays. would tonight be the night? first at bat a-rod hits one to right. watch young reach up and deny rodriguez a passing willing mays. but then two innings later rodriguez would strike again. nobody was going to get it. he moves past mays for fourth all time on the home run list. 101 behind barry bonds. also, his 7th of the year. a's and twins tied at 3 in
6:53 pm
the 3rd inning. oakland on top. davis homered. but drew pomeranz would get into troubled in the fifth. and once again the bullpen couldn't put out the fire. escobar singles off otero. two runs score. the bull pen is trouble for the a's. twins win 6 -5. the a's are 12-18. that is their worst start through 30 games since 2009. island green makes a lot of golfers look like gilligan. players championship no hangover for rory. he won at harding park last weekend. opened up the three under 69. two shots off the lead. tiger woods playing for the first time since the masters. wasn't happy with the tee shot on 8. into the water. first of two double bogeys for tiger. and he shot a 73. shot of the day belongs do derek the holdout for an eagle on the 4th. briefly grab the out right lead. he would finish one shot behind three other players.
6:54 pm
fourth race at golden gate fields. >> clings to the narrowest of leads. hand son harvey junior, fido shop widing up on the track three-way finish coming up photoshop heads of harly is junior, one and only love man and i'll leave that to the judges. >> who won? >> that guy right there. the number 5? >> number 2? >> um, no, not number 2. triple -- handsome harvey, 32:1 shot is the winner. >> close. >> only the fourth win in 38 starts. he beat photoshop the 4:5 favorite 32:1, that's money. the warriors have two more days to stew after losing. steve kerr is planning drastic changes. >> we are going to change the entire program. we put in the triangle offense. [ laughter ] >> we're going to run that for game three. and, um, you know, we're going to playzone the whole game.
6:55 pm
we just feel like everything is falling apart. [ laughter ] >> steph definitely will be benched. he was awful the other night. i won't start him. yeah. we're just -- it's a full renovation. so it's going to take more than one loss to rattle steve kerr's cage a little bit. but the grizzlies are hoping to strike a little fear into the warriors as they travel to memphis. [ singing ] >> warriors come out to play ♪ >> you remember that. right? draymond green is not expected to receive a warm welcome saturday night after what grizzlies fans viewed as a cheap shot towards their star guard mike conley in game 2. >> can you imagine the fans are going to give hm a hard time -- him a hard time? >> i could imagine. i have heard some fan reviews. they are upset. >> they weren't going to be
6:56 pm
happy with me regardless. i don't expect them to be happy with me then. good night, that is a huge fish! >> our catch of the day, that is 85-year-old marceline milan with a 10-pound striped bass that her grandson caught. he said he would be so proud to have his grandmother as catch of the day. we are proud to have her. send us your pictures to >> we wish you a merry christmas. >> sits on the wall and dad goes -- [overlapping speakers >> we are counting down to the end of an era, just 10 shows left for david letterman. captions by: caption colorado
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: i appreciate it. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of 20,490 bucks. from valley, alabama, it's the still family. [cheering and applause] and from awendaw, south carolina, wherever that is it's the coan family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, fuel-efficient ford fusion hybrid right there, folks. [cheering and applause]
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let's go meet the coan family. hey, courtney. courtnay: hello. courtnay. steve: oh, courtnay. courtnay: nay. yes. steve: oh, excuse me. [laughter] what do you do for a living, courtnay? courtnay: i am a professional nudist. audience: whoo! steve: ha ha ha ha. thank you, lord. i sure appreciate it. first one, huh? ha. thank you. i sure appreciate it, lord. all right now. ok. well...well, courtnay. courtnay: yes, i'm a nudist. steve: i got it. i'm gonna ask all the questions. this is my specialty. where are you a nudist at? courtnay: in south carolina. all of south carolina. steve: ok. explain to me what it is you do, 'cause ain't no way in hell you're telling me that you take your clothes off. you can just quit telling me that right here. courtnay: i am a professional poet. i get naked


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